Update: More Responses to Our Letters

Yesterday I spoke with Toronto Maple Leafs President Brendan Shanahan who, after a comedy of email non-delivery errors, finally received your letters. Our conversation was lengthy, very encouraging and (per his request) off the record. We intend to remain in touch in the coming months and I’ll update everyone when the Leafs are prepared to make a public statement.

Note: General Manager Lou Lamoriello had told me that Shanahan was the best person in Leafs management with whom to discuss issues of violence against women. Scroll to Shanahan’s name in this alphabetical list of New York’s New Abolitionists to see at least some of what Lamoriello was referring to.

I also received an email from the Dallas Stars outlining some of the charitable donations they’ve made to sa/vd organizations over time. I’ve asked for clarification on some of that information and will post it as soon as I hear back.

We’re making inroads! Make sure to let your favorite team know what you think about its response so far – some of them, at least, are listening.


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