Why Are You Still Sticking to Sports?

Why do you care if Evander Kane is good at hockey?

Why are you still looking at him as an on-ice asset? Why are you weighing possible trade deadline destinations for him based on how he might fit into a team’s lineup?

You don’t think of Slava Voynov that way anymore, right? You know that Voynov’s hockey skills are meaningless when weighed against crimes. If an NHL team seemed poised to sign him, you would write extensively about his abuse of his wife, his no contest plea, his self-deportation. So what’s the difference?

Yes – Kane, like so many sex criminals, never stood trial. Is that reason enough to ignore multiple consistent allegations against him, to leave them completely unacknowledged? Based on what we know about sexual violence, it’s highly likely that he’s guilty. The lack of a conviction is a convenient excuse to ignore the statistics, to abdicate your responsibility to deal with reality instead of the artificial “innocent until proven guilty” construct that holds value ONLY as it relates to the government’s right to seize the assets of, imprison or kill a private citizen.

There are victims, and there will be more, yet you only talk about Kane’s goal-scoring prowess. You default to the very “stick to sports” mindset that you rail against when people try to silence you on issues you actually care about. Sticking to sports is toxic, and it always was. Sticking to sports elevates men for athletic ability while simultaneously suppressing and silencing their victims. Sticking to sports is easy and convenient and in 2018 it is a mark of shame.

We can’t prevent teams from trading for unconvicted likely offenders, but that doesn’t mean you have to present Evander Kane as a pure asset as opposed to a dangerous human being. He is not a valuable potential pick up for a playoff team, no matter how many points he might generate. He’s a danger to his community and he’s an emblem, like so many emblems before him, of how little you value morality when it poses any threat to your comfort. Until you shift your priorities, you remain part of the problem. Do better.


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